Welcome to a new beginning!

First … the good news … We have confirmation of an agreement that the Old Library space will be used as a youth hangout for the next several months. We are excited to see what this will turn into and are hopeful that it will make a huge impact in the lives of kids in the town of Hermann.

With that said, there will now be a place for our group to meet during the school year and allow us to hold other activities throughout the week as well.

I want to use this as a new starting point and my hopes is that we can form a group of high schoolers that care for each other and treat each other like we were created. As a result, our group will officially be renamed as …


(n) ˈtrīb: a social division in a traditional society consisting of communities linked by social ties, with a common culture

This is an opportunity to continue to overflow into other people but it focuses on where that overflowing comes from. As a tribe, we live, work and play together. We will support and encourage each other while also keeping each other accountable to reach goals and treat each other well.

Part of my mission is to continue to make the foundation of this Tribe centered on Jesus and his ministry to bring about the kingdom of God through his followers.